Without being complete, find below some of our successful participations in the three major ebusiness fields, we are active in. If you share our ambitions, feel free to contact us now.

> Ebusiness Facilities

ICEshop facilitates since 1999 IT, Telecom & Supplies merchants in Europe with ecommerce tools, including webshops, xml-EDI-connections, and purchase management tools. Since 2009, ICEshop launched a successful open source tradershop under the name Batavi.
Other paticipants: Personnel

> Ebusiness Content

ICEcat NV (Inc.) is active since 2003 with providing Rich Content and product comparison tools to webshops, distributors and manufacturers. Since the launch of free open catalog Open ICEcat the catalog services have become truely global, supporting merchants in all major world languages and in virtually all countries in the world.
Other participants: Personnel

> Online Retail

A strategic investment to help catalyze developments in a market sector.

Futurumshop.com is founded in 2000 as outdoor sports webshop. Futurumshop is active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France in online sales to consumers.
Other participants: H.W. van der Meulen Holding BV (Director).

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